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Hello, my name is Nathanael Bimo Priyogodo. you can call me Bimo. I am the new student of SMAN 3 Bandung. I live in Lanud Sulaeman, Kopo. I used to live in Jakarta. I born in Jakarta, 10th December 2000. After that, i moved to Madiun, Surabaya and go back to Jakarta.

    I have a very nice family. My Father is from Yogyakarta and my mother is from Manado. I have 1 sister, now she is studying in the faculty of psychology in UNS, Solo. My father is working in Indonesian Airforce. My mother is a housewife, she was working in NISP Bank. But, after she had a children, she stopped working. 

     I studied pre-school and elementary school in Santo Markus 1, Jakarta. After that i studied in SMPN 109 Jakarta and i went to SMAN 81 Jakarta. I really have many good friends from that school. In the end of semester 1, my father is moved to Bandung to complete the duty. As my father went to Bandung, automatically my mother is having a duty too in Bandung. So, I decided to moved to Bandung. My family a…

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